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Bill Gates Nuclear Energy: U238 on TED TALKS

Bill Gates-Nuclear Energy: Use the U238 on TED TALKS

I have told people before that the way out of Big Coal is bigger business, bigger money. How do you fight Big Coal? The only real way to fight it is with more money. Our electricity issues will not be solved until big companies step up and push Big Coal out. A perfect example is Google investing in wind. Yippee Google! I hope that Google gets in an energy war with Bill Gates because we will ALL be winners then!!!! (Happy evil grin inserted here)

When someone says, “Bill Gates Nuclear Power,” you listen. Why? He has money which equals power. I should also add that in my opinion it’s not just that he has money. He does really seem to care about the future.

The word nuclear scares me. Oh my. It makes me shake in my shoes. When Bill Gates talks about using nuclear waste (U238) to power the world…well, it doesn’t scare me so much.

This video really focuses on Global Warming. Again, I don’t know if Global Warming is real or not. I tend to believe it simply because it is hard for me to conceive that so many scientists are wrong. That is beside my point, though. My real focus is on the injustices of the Appalachian Region. These injustices really do have to stop. This isn’t about ugly or no mountains. It’s about flooding, toxic waters, sick people, and biodiversity.

So, when someone as smart as Bill Gates says that we can power the world with nuclear waste (U-238), I truly believe that it’s possible. When he says nuclear waste (u238) he means it. He is talking about the nuclear crap that clutters the world that we have no way to dispose of. He also speaks of the safety issues of nuclear power.

He really gets into the meat of the issue around 8 minutes into the video.

I hope that you watch with an open mind, and enjoy it.  You can also watch many episodes of TED TALKS on Hulu Plus.

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