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Peak Oils – Collapse by Michael Ruppert

Peak Oils Collapse by Michael Ruppert

Conspiracy Theorist or Conspiracy Facts?

Michael Rupper knows his sh^t. There is no doubt about it. Maybe he is playing on my paranoia. I guess that’s a possibility.

When Michael Ruppert puts together the facts, facts such as Peak Oils, there is no denying them.

  • There is no denying how all the facts fall together like pieces of a puzzle we were never meant to see apart, forget about together.
  • There is no denying that many of the things Michael Ruppert has talked about for years is unfolding right in front of our eyes at this very moment.

What is Peak Oil? It is the point where oil hits the half way point. This means that when peak oil hits we are half way through the oil that is known to exist. This may not seem like a big deal, but when you consider that more and more countries have followed in the footprints of the United States when it comes to oil consumption and how much the United States is reliant on oil, it’s a very scary thought. Oil is used for darn near everything. If it’s not directly in the product it is used to create it, and you would be surprised at what oil is physically in.

In Collapse by Michael Ruppert, he talks about the different types of people and uses the sinking of the Titanic as an example. You have those that ask, “What do I do? I don’t know what to do.” You have those who say, “It’s the Titanic. It’s unsinkable. You all are crazy, I’m going to go have a drink.” Then you have the ones that want to build the lifeboats.

I have notes and notes on this documentary; however, I could never do it justice. It is better if it is watched because it covers so much.

If you want to see how our dependency on fossil fuels will clear up the human population, watch Collapse by Michael Ruppert. The correlation between peak oils and our current economics is undeniable.

Some people believe this is untrue and that technology will come to the rescue.

Debunking Peak Oils

This is one case where I hope the documentary is wrong. I cannot stop thinking about how dead on Michael Ruppert is, though. I think Collapse by Michael Ruppert is definitely worth your time if just to be informed of the possibilities of Peak Oils.