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Rolling Stone Article: Don Blankenship-West Virginia- Regarding Mountaintop Coal Mining in West Virginia

Jeff Goodell is one of my idols.  I love his books, especially Big Coal.  I love that he is doing something powerful with his writing. Jeff Goodell wrote all about Don Blankenship-West Virginia- and Massey Energy for Rolling Stone.  You shouldn’t miss this Don Blakenship-Rolling Stone article:

The Dark Lord of Coal Country

Mountaintop Coal Mining in West Virginia

  • Who is Don Blankenship?
  • What does Don Blankenship have to do with mountain top coal mining in West Virginia?
  • Why is Don Blankenship now retiring?

Don Blankenship, now former CEO of Massey Energy, is known as King Coal of Big Coal.

  • How many people did Charles Manson’s “followers” kill? 7. Eight if you count Sharon Tate’s unborn baby. Don Blankenship and Massey Energy have them beat.
  • How many people did Ted Bundy kill? Many numbers float around. 26 seems to be the consensus. Don Blankenship and Massey Energy have him beat.
  • Gary Leon Ridgway “The Green River Killer” is believed to have killed 40-ish based on his confessions. Yes. Don Blankenship and Massey Energy even have him beat.

Since 2000 there have been 54 deaths in Massey mines.

What makes Don Blakenship any different than these guys? Seriously? He was perfectly aware of the conditions and safety issues. He told them to keep mining. He allowed this to happen, and as far as I am concerned he should be in prison.  Enough with the money and buying out politicians.

Don’t believe me? Here is a breakdown:

Coal Truth

Keep in mind the 23 listed here was prior to the Upper Big Branch Mine explosion.

Here is a fabulous video, Coal Consciousness, that includes some information regarding Massey Energy and the impact they have had on the Appalachian Region. It goes over mountaintop removal (MTR), Don Blankenship, and Massey Energy.

The video will open in a separate page:

Coal Consciousness

So, Don Blankenship, mass murder, retires from Massey Energy with a 12 million dollar retirement bonus.

Really? Really?

Blankenship will get additional money from Massey Energy in lieu of his bonus and other incentive payments that he was due for 2010. Massey Energy would not disclose a sum for these payments.

Wait. There is more!!! Don Blankenshit, I mean Blankenship, will continue consulting for Massey Energy for two more years @ $5,000.00 a month, and Don Blankenshit -darn, did it again- Don Blankenship will receive health care during this time.