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Drilling Oil in Alaska

Sarah Palin – “Drill Baby Drill”

-If she ever becomes President of anything other than the PTA, I do believe I will move to Canada.

Drilling Oil in Alaska

I watched a very interesting National Geographic Explorer Documentary this evening called Alaska’s Last Oil. They talked a lot about Anwr -the 18 million acre reserve in Alaska– and how Big Oil is salivating at the mouth to drill there.

Prudhoe Bay -located in Alaska- is one of the largest oil fields in North America. It covers 1000 square miles, has 20 oil producing fields, and almost 300 wells. Oh, did I say 300?  I meant 400.

Let me take you back to the Alaskan Pipeline:
70,000 workers, three years of construction, 800 miles, and 8 billion dollars. Wham! The Alaskan Pipeline is born. The year is 1977.

Since production of Prudhoe Bay in 1977, 15 billion barrels of oil have come out. That’s nearly 20 percent of Americas total oil supply. With production continually declining in Prudhoe Bay, BP is trying to get out every last drop with new technology.  That doesn’t mean that Big Oil companies aren’t after Anwr.

In 2008 -when the documentary was filmed- the US was going through 20 million barrels of oil a day. The United States is only 5% of the population but we use 25% of the oil.  The US is the leader with other countries now following us.

They speak of Kern River too and how the oil is now too heavy/thick to recover, so they pump hot steam into the ground to thin the oil. They heat the earth/rock to allow the oil to flow. This takes massive amounts of electricity to do, 81 trillion BTUs a day just to warm the ground at Kerns so the oil will flow. BP is looking into this for Prudhoe Bay as well.

What I don’t get is that Northern Alaska has seen the environmental effects of Global Warming more than anywhere else.  I don’t understand why they would want to drill more.

Photo Credit Cory M. Grenier

Great little read under this photo, too. You should check it out. Thank you Cory!

BTW. I don’t “get” her MILF status. 
Drill, Baby! Drill, Baby! Drill, Baby, drill! Must be all the drillin’! (O;

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