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Underground Mine Fire – The Real Silent Hill

Ever heard of Centralia, PA?

  • This is the town with the continuous underground mine fire.
  • This is a town where toxic fumes rise from the earth as if dry ice is underneath.
  • This is the town where roads can collapse at any given moment, and warning signs adorn the land.

This sounds unbelievable but it’s true.

This is a very cool article about the underground mine fire in Centralia, PA with photos and video.

Real Live Horror Story:  Centralia PA

Coal Fired Energy Plants and Their Impact

This is an article full of information regarding Coal Fired Energy Plants and their impact on people and the environment.

It goes over:

  • The first Coal-Burning Power Plant
  • Some of the Pollutants that Coal Energy Plants Emit
  • How Coal Fired Power Stations work
  • What Carbon is and the Carbon Cycle
  • Carbon Capture
  • Pollution Control devices
  • The TVA Toxic Coal Sludge Spill in Tennessee
  • Coal Transportation
  • Global Warming
  • What you can do to reduce Greenhouse Gases
  • Old Dominion’s new power plant in St Paul, Virginia

Read Coal Fired Energy Plants – Their Impact

AEPs 20 Million Dollar Buyout of Cheshire, OH

This is information on a 2002 buyout in which AEP purchased the town of Cheshire, Ohio for 20 million dollars. I found this information by accident and got a copy of a documentary that was done by Carey Murphy & Lea Prainsack, two women who went to Cheshire around the time of the buyout and documented a lot of it and the townsfolk.

It also has some information from Jeff Goodell’s book, Big Coal which is a wonderful read by the way.

Read American Electric Power’s 20 Million Dollar Buyout

Photo Public Domain


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