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Gas Land Documentary The Cost of Natural Gas

GasLand (Gas Land) was truly a sobering documentary about the true cost of natural gas. Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) has been going on in my area for a while now. As many Americans, I truly thought natural gas was a safe alternative. I had no idea the devastation that it is causing across the United States in it’s extraction process. Of course it’s more widespread in rural areas; although, some large sections of Texas are deeply impacted as well.

If you are into environmental issues videos or environmental documentaries, this is a must see. This is one of the most powerful documentaries that I’ve ever seen.

Josh Fox does an incredible job. This is a man who was just trying to do a little research before leasing his land to an oil company for natural gas drilling with a signing bonus of almost 100K for leasing his land. I truly don’t believe that he had any idea what he would find.

Dick Cheney, former chairman and CEO of Halliburton and 46th Vice President of the United States, is as evil as Don Blankenship. He might be worse.

Take action against HydroFracking on the GasLand website.  Visit HERE.

  • Email your officials and tell them that you support the Frac Act
  • Join an organization
  • Share your story

You can learn more about Gasland (Gas Land) the Documentary by watching this review. It’s pretty in-depth.

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