From The Coalfields To You With Love

Mining Appalachia

Mountain Top Removal

This is one of my all time favorite articles. Kim goes over, in-depth, what exactly Mountaintop Removal is, gives facts about it, goes over what you can do to take action, and offers different organizations that you can join. This article is full of pictures and videos regarding this matter, too.

Great read. I highly recommend it.

Read Let’s Stop Blowing Up Mountains

Coal Country

This is an article full of information regarding coal mining in the Appalachian region as well as information on the movie Coal Country.

It takes a very personal look at the impact of coal mining on the people in the region.

It also covers:

  • Some of the “Power Scenes” in the movie Coal Country
  • What  you can do to take action
  • Clean Coal Technology
  • Some videos of the trailers of the movie and things like the Martin County Coal Sludge Spill

Read Coal Country – Coal Mining Appalachia

Coal in America

  • Active Impounds
  • How you can help
  • Burning the Future; Coal in America information
  • The Clean Coal Process and what it really is
  • Massey Energy – Marsh Fork Elementary – Don Blankenship
  • Maria Gunnoe winner of the 2009 Goldman Environmental Prize
  • Power scenes from the movie

If I could pick only one article for you to read, this would be it.

Read Burning The Future – Coal in America

Fighting Back

This is an Article by Erik Reece which discusses the issues of Mountaintop Removal back in 2006. He speaks of Letcher County, KY which is where my son and I lived for the past seven almost eight years. I found this article fascinating because Erik speaks of a health study done by the Eastern Kentucky University and their alarming findings.

He was talking about Marsh Fork Elementary back in 2006. Bravo, Erik. Bravo.

This is really going on. I’ve said it before, people are getting poisoned. There is no doubt in my mind. I know this because I lived there, not because I read it.

Check it out. Very informative.

Read Mountaintop-removal mining is devastating Appalachia, but residents are fighting back

Photo Public Domain


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