From The Coalfields To You With Love


Over the past few years I have become more and more interested in coal and the impact that it has on people and biodiversity.  I have been living in the Appalachian Region since 1992.  When I first moved here I really didn’t think much about the coal mining.  I had never even heard of Mountaintop Removal Mining.  I grew up in Washington State where logging is prevalent.  Growing up, we never did like it much; however, at that time information wasn’t as readily available as it is now.  Plus, when you grow up around something such as coal mining or logging, it becomes the norm. My grandfather died rolling logs on a river in Aberdeen, WA. This was long before I was ever born.

This website was not created as a judgment on other people, except maybe Big Coal.  I have many friends that have had family members work in the Coalfields generation after generation. I respect these people. I have a couple friends that work in the coal mines and some that have worked in the coal mines but have since left.

Coal mining today is much different than it was even fifteen years ago.  You talk to older coal miners and they will be the first to tell you that.

Just because there are people like me that want alternative energy, it in no way means that we want our coal miners left behind.  That is the furthest thing from the truth.

You may find that I work on this in spurts.  It is a very challenging subject for me. If I spend too long researching it and watching documentaries, I get very upset.  I can only handle so many tears and so much heartbreak at a time.  Every so often I have to recoup or I’m not worth anything to anyone.

Also, I am not an English Major.  I do my best to clean up mistakes but I’m not perfect. My apologies in advance for any grammatical errors that I do not catch right away.

Thank you.

C. Callinsky

Author of Rear View Mirror the Contemporary Romance Novel

This site was created on 11/15/2010

Photo Public Domain


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