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Dirty Business Film – Clean Coal and the Battle for Our Energy Future

I am a HUGE fan of Jeff Goodell. I adore his work. I recently read Big Coal, and I was thoroughly impressed with it.

I ran across a documentary today by Peter Bull called Dirty Business.  They actually speak with Jeff Goodell in the documentary. I watched some of the previews, and I cannot wait to see it.

They talk a lot about CO2 sequestration/carbon capture. If that can be done it only solves one of many issues. You may or may not believe in Global Warming.  Even if you don’t there should still be some form of human interest when it comes to coal mining.  Even if we were able to burn coal completely clean -which I don’t believe is possible- the extraction process is killing people.  It is important that people are aware of this.

We really are an indulgent society.  Bigger and brighter is usually perceived as better, more influential.  Look at the lights in New York and Vegas. Look at the SUVs that adorn the roads.  Luxury on a big scale is what we are about.

I realize that cutting down our consumption and changing our light bulbs won’t stop the Global Warming Crises, if it does exist.  What it will do is cut down on the rate at which Big coal is dumping toxins into our fresh water supply and filling impoundments full of toxic sludge.

Here are some additional previews for Dirty Business.

Here is the Dirty Business Website just in case you would like a copy of your own.


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