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Here at Coal Mining Appalachia you will find information, articles, and resources regarding coal mining and all kinds of environmental issues; although, you will find that we focus a lot on Mountaintop Removal in the Appalachian Region.

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I Want to Hear From YOU:
Please comment and share. I don’t have a lot of money for advertising, so comments and shares are pertinent for the success of this non-profit website.  All I ask is that you keep it clean and respectful.  I realize that people feel passionately about these issues.  Please voice your opinions but do so in a respectful manner or the comments will not be approved. I will edit swearwords and delete inappropriate back-links. I’m all for appropriate back-links.

To the Miners:
I want to make something clear. I do not dislike coal miners. I don’t. I have a deep respect for what they do just as I have a deep respect for service members. I don’t support every military action the government takes, but I do -and always will- support the members of the service. The same goes for coal miners. I just wish they had the opportunity to work on wind turbines rather than going down into the tunnels.

Feel the Same:
If you have any environmental articles/article links that you would like posted, especially coal related, please feel free to email Cindy the link and brief description. Please put Coal Mining Appalachia Articles in the subject line so that it is not missed.

Speak Out:
I am looking for people that would like to speak out about the issues of Coal Mining and power plants in the Appalachian region for a nonprofit documentary. If you are interested please visit Speak Out.

* This is a new site, 11/15/2010
* It is nonprofit
* I will add more stuff ASAP

Photo of Mountaintop Removal Near Pikeville, KY
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